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The many names of the Prime Minister

Tuesday March 12 2013

Whenever his father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga wanted to reprimand or whisper something weighty to him he always shouted, Amolo!

To those who know its significance, they rarely call it and that is perhaps why it has been overshadowed by the Raila name.

His admirers have fond names for him. Owadgakinyi (brother of Akinyi), is the name he was given by Luos referring to the sister Wenua Akinyi during his frequent detentions. In the 1980s, anybody seen to associate with him or the Odinga family would get into trouble with the dictatorial Kanu government.

Then came Agwambo (mysterious man), which he was also given by Luos to explain his propensity of doing many things including those anybody would never dare.

He was given Tinga (tractor) derived from the symbol he chose for his National Development Party he used to reclaim his Langata parliamentary seat after walking out of Ford-Kenya — meaning he can crush opponents politically like a tractor. He then used it to campaign for the presidency in 1997.

Besides being a party leader of his parties, he was given Jakom (chairman) by Luos as an omnipresent leader to all people.