Elder says he never backed cut

Wednesday October 15 2008


The chairman of the Luo Council of Elders, Ker Riaga Ogallo says that he was arm-twisted to endorse the male cut among the Luo community.

Ker Ogallo said that the whole affair had been turned into a cash cow by individuals and NGOs bent on enriching themselves.

He claimed that an NGO recently bought a fleet of vehicles and hired a few staff but did not have any structures.

“Our people are still languishing in poverty. No NGO is ready to offer practical assistance.

I am shocked that when it comes to circumcision of Luo youths, an organisation can import 24 new vehicles at once,” he said.

Ker Ogallo was reacting to accusations by elders from Homa Bay District that he had allowed “young politicians to turn our community into a laughing stock”.

Ker Ogallo assured the elders that at no time will he support the male cut, saying the choice was an individual’s.

“I want to tell you that I have weathered a lot of storms and arm-twisting to endorse male circumcision among our people.

I have however stood firm and will not accept it,” he said.