Squatters demand ADC land

Tuesday December 23 2008


Squatters from Sabaki ward in Malindi on Tuesday demanded to be given the Agricultural Development Corporation land in the area.

They held a procession to the district commissioner’s office wearing traditional Giriama regalia.

It was the second procession in two weeks. A Kaya elder, Mr Gunga Baya Thoya, led the procession.

On arrival at the DC’s office, the group walked silently in a single file as Administration Police officers watched from a distance.

They then lined up and sung the National Anthem before an Administration Police officer confronted them and attempted to throw them out of the compound. 

An argument ensued with Mzee Gunga demanding that they see the DC.

AP commandant Syengo Manzih had to intervene when the squatters stood their ground demanding to meet DC Arthur Mugira, who was not in office.

They later met district officer Joseph Chepkwony, who remarked: “We asked them to come with documents to prove that the ADC land belonged to them, but they failed to produce any document.”


The squatters’ spokesman, former Sabaki councillor Timothy Mwambogoh, claimed that the 1,000-acre farm belonged to the local people who had been evicted in the 1970s to pave the way for farming.

“But we have established that ADC has collapsed and about to wind up. The land has been allocated to top politicians and foreigners who are already building exclusive private villas on it,” he said.

The leaders agreed to hold a public meeting with the residents this week to come up with the way forward and then report back to the district commissioner.