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Man pays heavily for rejecting fine

Tuesday January 6 2009


Youths on Tuesday attacked a home in Meru, forcibly circumcised a Standard Six boy and destroyed property worth more than Sh100,000.

The more than 100 youths had been angered by the boy for trespassing into the seclusion house of his cousin who underwent the cut three weeks ago.

The boy’s father, from Nkurune village, Imenti North District, allegedly rubbed the group the wrong way after he declined to pay Sh10,000 expenses for the forced cut and a fine of a bull for his son’s “offence”.

The Meru tradition prohibits a woman or an uncircumcised person from entering a seclusion place of a boy who is still healing after circumcision. The healing takes about a month.

However, the father declined to give the cash and the bull and allegedly insulted the youths while daring them to take any action they deemed fit.

 It was then that they invaded his homestead, destroyed his two houses and his entire farm of bananas, potatoes, nappier grass, miraa, yams, arrow roots, sugarcane, mangoes, sweet potatoes, onions and exotic trees.

The mob also defecated all over the compound before police arrived. Some are said to have brought the waste in containers.

The man’s family has been forced to flee the home with his wife and his three other children. They have taken refuge at a relative’s home 20 kilometres away at Nthoro village in Miiriga Mieru Division.

The angry youths warned him against returning home with his family until he pays the traditional fine.