Residents fury as relief food runs out

Tuesday February 17 2009


Thousands of residents of Mathingira and Leshau locations in Nyandarua North on Monday flocked the chief’s offices for relief maize donated by the Government.

The maize was however not enough and many returned home empty handed.

“I had 50 bags of maize only whereas those who turned up were nearly 3,000. What can you do to such a figure?” Posed Mr John Kamondo, the chief Mathingira location, whose population of 16,000 are in need of food.

“It’s sad that some received less than 4 kg of maize, however there was little we could have done,” he added.

He however expressed optimism that more food was underway to bail the residents out of the situation.

In Leshau location, the situation was the same as more than 450 families turned up at the Mutanga chief’s office for the relief food.

The location also got 50 bags of maize.

And in Nyandarua North, area DC Hassan Farah yesterday appealed to the World Food Programme to give relief to 13,000 internally displaced people living in a 50-acre farm in Ol Kalou constituency.

Mr Farah, who is also the district disaster committee chairman said the WFP food distribution programme set to end next week should continue until the displaced families find ways of fending for themselves.

The worst hit areas include Mathingira and Uruku in Ndaragwa Constituency and Kaimbaga, Gatumbiro, Rurii and Tumaini in Ol Kalou.