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Nuns urged to abandon celibacy vow

Sunday December 27 2009

By NATION Correspondent

A group of married Catholic priests have urged nuns to also abandon their celibacy vows and “stop living a life of pretence”.

The group led by Archbishop Daniel Kasomo has disassociated themselves with the traditional Roman Catholic Church doctrine of celibacy.

Dr Kasomo said infidelity was rife among the church’s rank and file and called on priests having secret love affairs to come out in the open and formally get married.

One of the married priests, Peter Njogu, said nuns should get married because celibacy in the church had proved unworkable.


The priests were speaking in Wamagana, Nyeri, during a celebration of 20 years of priesthood in honour of Mr Njogu.

The prayers, attended by a small congregation, took place at a private compound, about 200 metres from Wamagana Catholic Church.

Dr Kasomo was ordained by controversial Zambian cleric Emmanuel Milingo in June this year. Pope Benedict XVI recently defrocked Archbishop Milingo for his continued ordination of married priests.