Boy chops off own genitals

Friday February 5 2010

By SATURDAY NATION Correspondent

A Form Three student is recovering at Nyamira District Hospital after chopping off his genitals.

It was not clear why the 17- year-old student in one of the secondary schools in Gesima, Kitutu Masaba constituency, severed his private organ. But he simply said: “It had given me a lot of troubles.”

At the hospital the student was in a lot of pain and looked exhausted due to heavy bleeding. When a nurse asked him where the organ was, he said: “I threw it away after I cut it.”

He could not confirm claims by a relative that he had taken the action after his parents told him to stop engaging in a love affair at the expense of his education.

Sharpen knife

The student from Nyakongo in Nyamira Town, who is a day scholar, is said to have not gone to school on Thursday prior to the time he took the decision to sharpen a knife that he used to chop off his organ.

A nurse who can not be named as he is not authorised to speak on behalf of the hospital said the student will undergo intensive counselling in order to accept his new condition.

“Once the wound heals he will not be able to quench his sexual urge because his organ is not there. He created more trouble for himself than he thought by taking this action,” the nurse said.