Pope criticises ‘violence’ in developed world

Sunday July 3 2011



Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday denounced the “violence” and “arrogance” in the developed world which, he said, led to dissatisfaction and depression.

“We must abandon the path of arrogance, of violence used to bolster ever greater positions of power in order to assure success at all costs,” the German pope said as he addressed a crowd gathered under his balcony in St Peter’s Square during the weekly Angelus


Benedict also said it was necessary to end “the aggressive way we have dominated” the environment over the past decades.

“Countless numbers of people in the poorest nations are suffering from poverty. But in the richest nations there are dissatisfied men and women, even depression illnesses,” he added.

The 84-year-old pope will spend the coming week at his Castel Gandolfo retreat in the hills around Rome.

He plans to indulge in one of his favourite pastimes, writing out his theological thoughts in longhand.

At the same time, the Vatican came out of the red to post a profit of 10 million euros ($14.5 million) last year, officials said.

The Holy See reported a surplus of 9.8 million euros in 2010 after three consecutive years of losses. Details of the Holy See’s accounts were released after a two-day meeting of the Council of Cardinals responsible for overseeing Vatican’s balance sheet.