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Clerics insist on removal of clauses

Wednesday July 21 2010


The Catholic Church insists that contentious clauses in the proposed constitution could still be removed, less than two weeks to the August 4 referendum.

Through the Kenya Episcopal Conference — the church’s top decision making organ — it named the clauses on abortion, kadhi’s courts, family life, international law and definition of religious freedom as areas it was unhappy with.

“We, the Catholic bishops, have sought advice on legal and medical issues regarding the right to life, and are convinced that the constitution will result in liberalisation of abortion laws,” said a statement from conference chairman John Cardinal Njue.

Vague hope

The bishops said a good constitution is judged by how it protects fundamental human rights and that the gains in the new law were cancelled out by what it says on the right to life.

They said they did not believe that a document that is fundamentally flawed should be passed “only with a vague hope that it will be amended later, especially when the process of amendment is more difficult after than before”.