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Poll: Support for Kenya new law drops to 58pc

Friday July 23 2010


The lead held by the political grouping in favour of the proposed constitution has dropped, a new survey indicates.

The poll, released Friday by research firm Synovate, shows the Yes camp drawing 58 per cent of Kenyans to their side, while the No camp registered 22 per cent.

A significant 17 per cent are still indecisive with just 12 days to the referendum.

The Yes camp support has gone down by four percentage points within one week.

A Strategic Research survey released last week put the Yes vote at 62pc, with 20 per cent saying they will reject it altogether. Eighteen per cent of the voters were undecided.

The drop is sure to worry the Yes camp coming on the back of a week in which they have intensified their campaigns. President Kibaki has led three Yes rallies in that time to drum up support for the proposed constitution.