Advertorial: Safaricom a devoted brand on Twitter and Facebook

Tuesday February 12 2013


In a recent Social Bakers study, Safaricom was ranked as the world’s second and fourth most devoted brand on Twitter and Facebook respectively, the only African firm in the top 10 on both rankings.  

But what exactly does it take to be a devoted brand? It’s not just about being there in sickness and in health. This is a higher level of devotion, and now it’s being expressed by Kenyan Brands.

According to Social Bakers, an international renowned company focused on Social Media Marketing and Measurement, social devotion can be measured in 3 ways:

1 The company creates an open line of communication with fans

This means that brands should be posting sharable content that fans and followers can relate to and engage with.

2. The company responds to its fans’ questions at least 65% of the time

According to Q4 2012 results, brands on Twitter respond to 32% of followers’ questions.

3. The company responds in a timely fashion

The social media page essentially doubles as a customer care site.

Therefore, not responding in a timely manner is off-putting for fans, who are anxious for information.


Kenya has seen an obvious high adoption of social media as an integral form of communication. This has in turn created a catalyst for Kenyan brands to strategise on ways to exploit opportunities provided by the digital platform.

Safaricom in particular has managed to expand its reach through a dedicated team of customer care representatives. The identifiable team not only provides timely responses, but they do it with a personal flair thus increasing brand loyalty.

With a goal to reach as many people as possible, Safaricom is utilising creative campaigns to increase their reach on social media. The most recent being the race to 101K where they aim to recruit more followers to the page through existing followers using the hash tag #Safaricom101K.  

“With a set target of 101 thousand followers, we aim to reach as many people as possible so we can serve more customers on the Online Support platform which is an alternative customer touch point. The more followers we have, the more customers we can serve,” said Nzioka Waita, Director Corporate Affairs.

As far as socially devoted is concerned, Safaricom has proven to be the most dedicated based on the highest following among Kenyan telecommunications brands. If you’re a Safaricom subscriber get to their twitter handle to access their online customer service here.