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Easy journey to home ownership at Kijani Ridge

Easy steps to own a home at Kijani Ridge

Kijani Ridge is a homeowner’s dream that can be easily turned into a reality.

Rendeavour, a developer of over 30,000 acres across Africa, understands the needs of the discerning buyer and are developing one-of-a-kind modern cities wherever they operate. In Kenya, they are working on Tatu City, a 5,000-acre mixed-use urban developer.

They are many things that make Tatu City the first of its kind in Kenya.

Unlike other major urban areas in the country, it was master-planned for the best possible value. Water is available from a 10 million-litre reservoir, electricity is already connected, and sewer lines are done. 100 km of tarmac roads are being developed within the city.

In the 21st century, it no longer is enough to simply own a home; it now must be stylish and luxurious. People all over the world are getting more discerning with their tastes. Where someone lives, the kind of physical environment, and the services they can access from their home matter.


The burgeoning middle class with more disposable income is now demanding more from real estate developers. Apart from electricity and reliable water supply, they now need internet services hard wired into their neighbourhoods.

Homeowners now want to live in areas surrounded by green areas and spaces for their children to play. They want recreational activities, schools and workplaces close to their homes.

The desires of homeowners are now skewing towards environmental responsibility, sustainable development, focus on people and building communities.

Tatu City is zoned for industrial, commercial, and residential use. Residential areas are away from the other sections of the city. Each zone, however, is connected to the other via well-built roads, walkways and jogging tracks that enhance walkability and reduce dependence on motorised transport.


Kijani Ridge, the premier residential development within Tatu City, is a precinct of quarter and half-acre plots that are selling for Ksh11 million and Ksh16 million respectively.

The plots are served by immaculately developed infrastructure and amenities including roads, storm drainage, sewerage, electricity, water supply, and much more.

The residents of Kijani Ridge will enjoy access to a clubhouse that has a swimming pool, gym, retail shops, and multiple restaurant. All this is available on rolling landscapes that overlook a beautiful lake.

Kijani Ridge is a homeowner’s dream that can be easily turned into a reality. It starts with a visit to the Tatu City offices. Sales representatives will take you around the development and help you choose the plot that best fits your needs.

Whether you like seeing the lake first thing in the morning, or prefer to hear wind whistling through trees late into the night, there is something for you at Kijani Ridge.

Once the plot is selected, the buyer is directed to one of many banks with which Tatu City has an understanding. I&M Bank has a dedicated team serving Tatu City clients, and is offering up to 20 years repayment period on credit given at just 12.5 per cent interest per year.


NCBA is offering Kijani Ridge buyers 100 percent financing to buy and build for a tenor of up to 25 years at a 13 per cent interest rate. They are also offering buyers 70 per cent financing on the cost of purchasing a plot for a maximum tenor of 5 years.

As soon as the paperwork is finished, the buyer is directed to the Development Control Committee. This department upholds international standards of urban development making sure everything that is built within Tatu City minimises environmental impact and enhances value for every buyer.

The DCC has set guidelines that determine what type of development can happen within the city. Every buyer, residential or commercial, is expected to adhere to these guidelines.

By working with world-class architects and urban designers, the DCC has provided 12 different designs for 3 and 4-bedroom villas at Kijani Ridge.


The buyers selects from one of these and makes all the internal modifications they want, and submit their final design to the DCC.

Tatu City was declared by the government of Kenya, in August 2019, to be a special planning area, giving the DCC power to approve building designs as a final authority. This greatly reduces the time and cost borne by buyers when putting up their homes.

After getting the DCC’s go-ahead, the buyer can then break ground and start construction on their dream home.

The Kijani Ridge Property Owners Association, a community of buyers and residents of Kijani Ridge, makes sure new buyers are acquainted with the developments and progress at the residential development.

Holding the best interests of the homeowners at heart, they also ensure that all common areas within Kijani Ridge are well maintained and common services are efficiently and effectively provided.

The journey to home ownership at Kijani Ridge is simple. Visit Tatu City offices, or contact 0780 555 555 to find out how you can also enjoy living in Kenya’s premier urban development.

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