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Make the obvious switch…to Airtel

When you get round to upgrading your line to 4G, you get 2GB data absolutely free!

Leaving your mobile service provider can be likened to calling it quits on a relationship.

You mull over it for a while especially if you have been together for a prolonged period of time. You make a list of the pros and cons; you remember all the difficult habits that raise your pressure to dangerous levels; and you hope to high telco heaven that there is an option you can switch to… one that fits and makes your lifestyle and needs a little better.

This is the story for many when they leave one provider and begin having the conversation with Airtel. And in plain sight, we find that the provider does make their communication life a lot easier on so many levels.


Here, I want to peel away those layers for you, each layer reveals available gems that every user would surely regret not having:

1. Life really us sweet with no call charges at all from one Airtel subscriber to another. Free. Even sweeter is that if you need to call another network, as you probably will, calls won’t exceed Sh2 bob per minute, exclusive of taxes.

2. Enter number two – you’d think there is a grey cloud, but there isn’t. There are no hidden fees, no ghost subscriptions, no added extras here and there. It’s incredibly transparent and predictable, and it saves me the hassle of trying to correctly budget my phone bill each month. Not to mention that their plans are by far the most affordable on the market. You get what you pay for.

3. Super Data4G on Airtel not something that needs to be told about, but experienced. Wherever you are in the country, easily across over 40 towns in Kenya, the uber fast connections and downloads are unrivalled – even in areas where you’d assume it wasn’t. When you get round to upgrading your line to 4G, you get 2GB data absolutely free!

4. Know your balance – after each call you make, how handy is it to know how long you were on the call, to the second, and how much it cost? Going further, you are notified on how much you have left. Life is so much smoother when you know what you have to plan with!

5. How many times will I say free on this list? Once you get a bundle, chatting and downloading on WhatsApp is free! Keeping up with the conversation, downloading images and videos – and it is a separate plan on its own; you don’t have to sign on to something else to have free WhatsApp as part of the package.

6. Speedy and efficient customer care is the order of the day. Look forward to a quick response on social media and even over the phone where your issues are addressed. A call-back is guaranteed with solutions for issues that need further attention.

7. Run out of airtime? Airtel allows you borrow airtime on Kopa Credo to get out of those sticky situations when you need to talk but have no access to airtime. Do your business and it is refunded when you are more comfortable.

I could go on, but you know, seven is a perfect number. Ready to make the switch? Do so today and get what you pay for.