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Tatu City’s Kijani Ridge: Bringing the ‘Live, Work and Play’ concept to life

Live-work-play in Tatu City’s Kijani Ridge

Kijani Ridge is in its fourth and final phase which is also quickly selling out.

In 2008, Rendeavour, the largest private urban developer in Africa, started acquiring land in Kiambu. Tatu City, a 5000-acre mixed-use development, was announced in October 2010 after receiving planning approval from the government.

Tatu City is amongst the largest private foreign direct investments in Kenyan history with more than $500 million (Sh50 billion) being pumped into the city since its conception.

Its progress has seen thousands of Kenyans employed at Tatu City Ltd as departments in residential sales and engineering were created to support the on-going construction of homes, roads and businesses.

Overlooking a picturesque dam is Kijani Ridge, Tatu City’s premier residential development sitting on 180 acres of prime land.


With the focus of Tatu City’s developer, Rendeavour, being to create a unique live-work-play urban environment, Kijani Ridge is served with a host of amenities and infrastructure that make life a dream for residents.

Roads connecting residential and business areas mean no traffic jams within the city. To reduce vehicular congestion even further, there are walkable paths that connect the different sections of the city that are close enough for a walking or cycling commute, but not so close as to interfere with homes.

Electricity is already available throughout Tatu City, with each section getting a dedicated sub-station. The main Tatu City three-phase electricity substation is under construction and due to be completed in 2020. It will increase electricity supply to 135MW sourced from the national grid.

Going forward, part of the city will benefit from 30MW of sustainable energy sourced from solar panels on the rooftops of buildings in the industrial park.

Residential buyers are being encouraged to install solar panels on their own rooftops to reduce their carbon footprint, as well be a little easier on their pockets.


Residents of other cities in Kenya always have tales of dry taps and expensive bowsers. Safe, potable water is always flowing in Kijani Ridge from the 10 million-litre reservoir that supplies the entire city.

Wastewater is not a problem either. In Kenya, whenever the rains come, they bring with them stories of flooded roads and homes. Tatu City has storm drainage and sewer lines, some already built and some under construction, which ensure that residents can enjoy their homes regardless of the weather.


Kijani Ridge is located between two world-class schools offering Kenyan and international education curricula from kindergarten all the way to high school. Children living in the residential section no longer have to wake up before dawn to sit in traffic for hours. From their homes, they can simply enjoy a short walk to school.

During the weekends, families can bond over a picnic in the park that runs around Kijani Ridge. If they prefer water-based activities, they can ride boats or go fishing at the Kijani Ridge dam.


Leisure and health options are limitless for Tatu City residents. The Kijani Ridge club house will have a restaurant, shops, swimming pool and a gym open to residents. In conjunction with Olympian Lornah Kiplagat, Tatu City has designed jogging trails around Kijani Ridge that form part of the network connecting the residential zones to the business and industrial areas.

The larger Tatu City will be served by sports facilities that are under development. In September 2019, the city broke ground on a rugby facility that will serve residents and students.

With so many things going into one space, it is easy to assume that development will run rampant, leaving Kijani Ridge residents to contend with disorganised urban sprawl. Always a step ahead, Tatu City charges its Development Control Committee with all construction approvals.

Tatu City was recently declared a Special Planning Area that gives the DCC the powers to approve construction plans on behalf of the county government. The bureaucracy that slows down home development has been thrown out of the window at Tatu City, meaning buyers will now enjoy greatly reduced times between application and approval of construction permits.


Kijani Ridge, and the whole city, benefits from strict controls that ensure uniformity in aesthetics. Buyers are given the choice of twelve possible designs of villas to choose from. They are also allowed to design their own and present it to the DCC for approval, as long as it falls within the guidelines set out by the committee.

More than just assuring residents of a beautiful gated community, the DCC makes sure that all homes are built to international standards that can stand the test of time.

Already sold out of its first three phases, Kijani Ridge is in its fourth and final phase which is also quickly selling out. Buyers are being enticed both by the myriad infrastructure and amenities, and the fast-rising land value at the residential development.

The contemporary city is ready for residents and investors on the remaining half-acre plots in Kijani Ridge. With amenities, infrastructure, and unparalleled lifestyle options available, residents are assured of incomparable luxury in the unique live-work-play city.

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