Why you should keep checking OPPO Kenya sites


The smartphone firm promises lots of good news this year

Wednesday February 05 2020

People who love OPPO phones should keep checking OPPO Kenya’s social media platforms and website for some exciting news.

The smartphone firm promises to keep its current and prospective customers updated on its planned new phone launches, campaigns and user tips, among others.


OPPO Kenya digital specialist Stephen Kariuki says: “Our audience should be ready to enjoy content that wows and makes them happy. We intend to keep OPPO smartphone lovers glued to the content on our platforms.”

He adds: “We will inform them about the products we plan to launch, the new phones we will bring in, our campaigns and also share their hands-on experience with OPPO phones.”

Mr Kariuki, who manages content on OPPO Kenya’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube platforms, says the firm plans to bring into the local market two new phone models this year. These belong to the A series and the Reno series.

OPPO A Series

The A series is loved by younger people aged 18 to 24, whereas the Reno series is preferred by those aged 25 to 30.

Mr Kariuki describes the A series as a phone model “for young people with ‘attitude’, who record key moments of their daily life on social media because they want to share with family, colleagues and friends.”

For this group, OPPO Kenya will “do several exciting campaigns online and offline, including funky photo shoots.”

He adds that the series focuses on showing OPPO’s image technology and price to productivity ratio.

OPPO Reno Series

Mr Kariuki says the firm will nurture them to upgrade into owners of the Reno series of phones, being loyal audiences of the OPPO brand of smartphones.

He explains that the Reno model is for content creators or those with an artistic bent. He sees it being a major OPPO product in Kenya.

Much of the content on this phone will be localised, Kariuki says. That will include television commercials and campaigns.

“We will also have community social responsibility activities around the product to show its impact on the community,” he says.

He adds that users can create a lot of content using the phone. They can shoot music videos or record poetry, among other content creation activities.

“The Reno series showcases the best image technology by OPPO,” says Mr Kariuki.

Vibrant space

As a young person working at OPPO Kenya, Mr Kariuki enjoys the experience, describing the work environment as a “vibrant space to propose ideas, even wild ones, that you think can work, and to have all the fun.”

Most of the employees at OPPO Kenya are young. “This gives us the opportunity to prove ourselves and drive the brand forward,” he says. “It is an opportunity for us to grow and learn.”

In Kariuki’s view, maintaining a youthful staff fits well into OPPO’s DNA. The firm’s phones are targeted at youthful consumers with an artistic streak and who are keen on trendy phone technologies.


Once we launch a product and it is received well, we usually run a campaign for the users. We invite them to generate content with our ultra-wide angle, ultra-night and portrait mode phones. We then feature their work on our gallery.

We show that people are experiencing what we tell them about the brand.

#DifferenceinaClick campaign

OPPO Kenya recently concluded its #DifferenceinaClick campaign. Here is the link to the winners of OPPO Reno2 F: 

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People can view the winning photos at the OPPO Gallery campaign:

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