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Petrol prices drop to Sh107.46 per litre in latest review

Wednesday March 14 2018

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Petrol prices will from midnight drop by Sh0.46 per litre, the first reduction in seven months, while diesel is up Sh0.90 in the latest review by the energy regulator.

Motorists in Nairobi city will pay Sh107.46 per litre of super petrol from Sh107.92 while diesel will cost higher at Sh97.86 at the city pump from Sh96.96.

Kerosene, relied upon by low income homes for lighting and powering cook stoves, is up Sh0.70 to Sh77.45 a litre in the city, according to the new monthly prices set by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC). The prices will be in place for the next one month till April 14 when they will be reviewed.

“The changes in this month’s prices have been as a consequence of the average landed cost of imported super petrol decreasing by 1.26 per cent from $688.76 per tonne in January to $680.05 per tonne in February; diesel increasing by 4.22 per cent to $618.49 per tonne and kerosene increasing by 3.45 per cent to $668 per tonne,” the ERC said in a statement.

The energy regulator further said that during the period, the shilling appreciated 1.21 per cent against the dollar to stand at 101.44 units, which helped reduce Kenya’s foreign exchange costs in cargo procurement.

Prices of diesel, used to power commercial vehicles like buses and tractors, have been on a steady climb, in what looks set to raise costs of transport, mechanised farming and industrial production.

Petroleum prices vary across Kenya due to transport costs that reflect how far a location is from Mombasa port.

Mombasa consumers will, therefore, pay the lowest at Sh104.18 per litre of super petrol following the latest price adjustment and Sh94.59 for diesel.

Petrol is most expensive in the northeastern towns. Mandera motorists will pay Sh121.27 a litre, or Sh17 more than in Mombasa, while diesel will cost 111.67 a litre.