Google bans sexually explicit content from blogging platform

Wednesday February 25 2015

Google logo in this picture taken on September

Google logo in this picture taken on September 2, 2012. AFP PHOTO | EMMANUEL DUNAND 

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Technology company Google has banned all exhibition of sexually explicit videos and photographs from its blogging platform Blogger, in a move to make the service more family friendly.

The company has given all the users on the blogging platform Blogger, one month to comply with the directive.

Failure to comply with the directive will mean that the blog is made private and will only be accessible to the owners of the blog or persons given links by the owners to access the blog. Blogs with sexually explicit content will no longer be visible to search engines, which will greatly reduce the audience they reach.

Previously the company hosted sexually explicit content but did not allow users to host advertisements against the sexually explicit content.

Google has said that it will still allow some nudity on the service if the content “offers a substantial public benefit, for example in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts.”

The company has further claimed that a vast majority of its users will not see a difference when the new rules are enforced.

The search giant also bans all sexually explicit videos from its video hosting service YouTube. It also does not allow pornographic material on its social network Google Plus.