International mobile firm, Cubot selects Kenya for its global launch

Wednesday January 27 2016

The Cubot Note S. PHOTO | CUBO

The Cubot Note S. PHOTO | CUBO 


International Mobile firm Cubot announced that the Global launch of it’s new, widely anticipated Cubot Note S will be in Kenya.

The Smartphone launch will be on February 12th and will be available exclusively on Kilimall. However pre-orders in Kenya start at Midnight, February 1st.

Taking a lead with focus on elegance, Cubot’s use of African Inspired Kenyan Designs is another of its bold customer oriented design culture. This has seen it achieve an increasing Global appeal, and is now among the top selling smartphone brands.

Why Kenya? As one of the top selling brands on Amazon globally, our Market research for Africa, pointed to a very high appreciation of our brand in Kenya which has also been driven by Kilimall. On further research we realized that many Kenyans are looking for high quality and affordable smartphones which are rare.

We felt that we should reciprocate and create a phone that can deliver such a customized user experience, at an unbelievable price.

How? Most phones tend to be expensive because most of the players in the smartphone industry retail chain are making a lot of profits.

To enable us keep the price low, we have identified a strategic partner that shares in our vision for Kenya. Which is to make a difference in the lives of our customers, not just to make money. We are coming out honestly to tell our customers the true price of the phone, eliminating all channel costs & giving all the profit to the customer. Hence our exclusive partnership with Kilimall said Cubot Vice President Richard Meng.

Because A Mobile Phone is meant to set you free

The introduction of the Cubot Note Series comes packed with ultra high spec features on the Android platform, aimed at delivering powerful performance with increased personal freedom.

“Unlike many others of the Note range, the Cubot Note S focuses on ensuring that our customers are free to move without having to subconsciously always think about how long their battery will last or how fast it will drain.”

“It also comes with dual SIM features, enabling users to freely tailor their phone use to their preference. Some may take advantage of this to separate work/business and pleasure/family & friends, or to get the best deals of two different cellular networks” said Mr. Richard.

Premium Performance and Elegance, a perfect match

Drawing from the natural beauty that surrounds us the Note S comes in striking colours of Matte Black, Champagne Gold & Pearl White. Its elegant round frame completes it strong and compact feel. Add to that the custom designed African themed back covers; the Cubot Note S completes your premium look & confident style.

The Cubot Note S is designed to deliver a perfect balance of powerful performance, fast connectivity with a long battery life.

About Cubot

We are a top Global brand creating high quality, high performance-price ratio products for GSM, CDMA, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, LTE (4G), to meet the needs of different customers. Currently this include Smartphones, Wearables like the Cubot Smart Watch, and Accessories like the iRobot Bluetooth speaker, Earphones, Adapters, Phone covers among others. A team of over 500 professional staff & several production lines. With close connection to local large chain stores in Europe, South America, Saudi Arabia, Russia & Africa. Our aim is to create technology that opens new possibilities for all.