'Seeds of Gold' farm Clinic to be held at Maasai Mara University next Saturday

Saturday November 3 2018

Farmers follow proceedings during a past Seeds of Gold Farm Clinic in Kirinyaga County.

Farmers follow proceedings during a past Seeds of Gold Farm Clinic held in Kirinyaga County. The Narok edition of the farm clinics will be held this Saturday, November 10, 2018 at the Maasai Mara University. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

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Seeds of Gold is set to hold its tenth edition of farmers’ clinic, in Narok County, this coming week.

The event, which will be on Saturday, November 10, at the Maasai Mara University, will be held in partnership with Elgon Kenya Ltd, Agricultural Tractor Spares Ltd (ATSL), Sensei Institute of Technology, CMC Motors Group Ltd, Coopers Kenya Ltd, and Egerton University, among others.

Its theme will be Food Security: A Shared Future, with the ongoing effects of climate change, invasion by persistent pests and diseases, and lack of proper agricultural and farming input and information, the farm clinics continue to help the farmers navigate these challenging times.

At the farm clinic, experts from the participating organisations will educate, inform, teach and nourish farmers’ hunger and quest for knowledge on cushioning themselves from these conditions that impede on their optimal agricultural productivity, among others.

“This farm clinic comes against the backdrop of a myriad of challenges that farmers contend with. These include crops and livestock diseases and pests like the fall armyworm and tuta absoluta, and the lethal maize necrosis disease (MLND), as well as challenges posed by climate changes. These, have made the need for accurate information an urgency, which the farm clinics seek to address to the farmers’ satisfaction,” said Nelson Maina, the communication and marketing director at Elgon Kenya Ltd.

The Seeds of Gold farm clinics have become a forum where experts and farmers meet and share information and the most pressing problems facing the agriculture industry.

The initiatives have been steadily gaining traction, attracting farmers and agribusiness enthusiasts from all corners of the country, proving to be indeed a one-stop shop where the country’s key food producers, majority who are smallholder farmers, actively interact with experts.

The events are usually segmented into trainings, question and answer sessions, one-on-one interactions between experts and farmers and demonstrations. And the forthcoming Narok Edition promises nothing less than this.