Ready for biogas?

Saturday March 29 2014
GOLD BioTank 4.JPG

AquaSanTec Group chairman Chandu Shah. PHOTO | BILLY MUTAI


Farmers across the country can now benefit from a new technology that enables them make fertiliser and cooking gas from cow dung and water.

The technology known as Blueflame BiosluriGaz is championed by AquaSanTec Group.

To set up the technology, a farmer requires a flat ground, where he will install the Blueflame unit.

He also requires plenty of water and dung, which should be stored in a shallow pit lined and covered with polythene to keep it moist.

The system is then filled with dung to capacity.

It requires 1,500kg of cow dung and 1,500 litres of water for the larger unit and 900kg of cow dung and 900 litres of water for the smaller unit.


The mixing ration of water to dung should be 1:1, which is for every bucket of cow dung; a similar amount of water should be used.

Once full, the system’s gas holder is emptied to release the air trapped inside.

The unit will generate gas for about four to 10 days. The gas will be accumulated in the gas holder.

Once the gas is extracted from the dung, what remains is nutrient-organic fertiliser.

“Unlike the previous biogas, which was dug underground, the latest technology is a plastic tank that is fitted with necessary systems to produce the biogas and fertiliser,” AquaSanTec Group chairman Chandu Shah says.

BlueFlame BioSluriGaz is available on cash purchase or through various financial institutions like cooperative societies, microfinance institutions and banks.

“Bulk purchases are encouraged through organised groups so that buyers can benefit from reduced transport costs.”

Mr Chandu disclosed that already Kenya National Domestic Biogas Programme, Kenya National Farmers Federation and Kentainers Limited have signed a collaboration agreement to promote the rapid adoption of the bio slurry and biogas technology among farmers.