Mother wants doctors held accountable for child’s paralysis

Wednesday February 17 2016

Ms Cecilia Mwari,30, who is seeking justice after her 11 year old son was paralysed after undergoing surgery at Meru General hospital. PHOTO | VIVIAN JEBET | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Ms Cecilia Mwari, 30, who is seeking justice after her 11-year-old son was paralysed after undergoing surgery at Meru General Hospital. PHOTO | VIVIAN JEBET | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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An Isiolo family is seeking justice after their 11-year old son was paralysed after undergoing surgery.

Ms Cecilia Mwari said her son was allegedly mishandled by a drunk surgeon five years ago.

The doctor from Meru General Hospital attended to the boy who is said to have been accidentally scratched in his left eyelid by a metallic gate while leaving school one evening.

The family from Kambi ya Juu took the boy to a nearby clinic after the incident where he was given some antibiotics and was able to return to school.

Ms Mwari said she noticed a “pimple” inside the same eye after the school was closed for holidays.

“I decided to take my son to Isiolo Referral Hospital and the doctor referred me to Meru Level 5 hospital for specialised treatment, cautioning that the condition could be cancerous,” said the mother.

She then left to Meru hospital where her son was scheduled to undergo a minor surgery to remove the swelling.

Ms Mwari recounts the tragic surgery that left her son Alex Koome in coma for two days.

“After the surgery my son didn’t wake up and the doctor instructed that he should be transferred immediately to Kenyatta National Hospital,” she said.

The boy later woke up but Ms Mwari reiterated that his condition deteriorated despite being sent to KNH.

It took three months before the boy was discharged, but was completely paralysed.

“The doctor who made my son paralysed kept in touch with me, he could even send me fare,” she added.

The only thing Ms Mwari recounts before surgery is how the doctors’ colleagues were chatting on how he could go on with surgery while drunk.

“I didn’t even suspect that anything bad could happen to my son,” added the mother.

The boy’s teacher Mrs Stella Kendiss while displaying the boys’ report form said he was in a normal condition before the surgery.

Ms Mwari is now forced to remain home to look after her son who is unable to talk, move or feed himself.

The woman, a mother of two is also unable to pay Sh1,000 for fare to Lari, Meru county for the boy’s frequent check-ups.

She now wants the medic investigated for subjecting her son to the condition.

“I know that the doctor who performed surgery on my son is aware of his wrong doings and he is trying to cover up his mistakes by offering me financial assistance, I want him to be investigated since this is a case of medical negligence,” she added.

The boy’s uncle Joseph Ntonja said the incident has burdened the entire family who were now forced to watch the boy every time.

Mr Ntonja added that the family couldn’t even cater for the boys’ need such as diapers and frequent check-ups.

He called on the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentist Union (KMPDU) together with the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) to intervene and investigate the doctor.