Family says Omondi had no health or insecurity issues

Thursday February 13 2020

Mystery continues to surround the death of Kahawa Wendani Ward Representative Cyrus Omondi, who was found dead in his hotel room in Mumbai, India, on Wednesday while on an official duty.

On Thursday, Omondi’s mother Millicent Achieng Odhiambo told the Nation that he visited her at her workplace last week and promised he would return from the trip on Sunday evening.

“He was jovial and in high spirits as usual. We joked ... that was the last conversation I had with him,” Ms Achieng said in an interview at her home in Kahawa Wendani.

While noting that Omondi never showed signs of bad health, she said she doubted reports that he suffered a heart attack.

“What I am hearing - that my son died of a heart attack in a hotel room - is strange. Cyrus never had any health problem. We are optimistic that the post-mortem will tell the truth,” she said.

Ms Achieng further refuted claims that her son recorded a statement with police over threats to his life.


She said he never complained or told her that his life was in danger.

Omondi's wife Jackline Mwongeli told the Nation that she communicated with him on Friday after he arrived in India.

“Cyrus left Nairobi on Thursday last week. On Friday, he called to inform me that he had arrived safely. He was jovial and asked how the children were fairing. I told him we were ok," she said during an interview.

"He told me he would return to Nairobi on Sunday," she said while scrolling through their chats on WhatsApp.

She shared her mother-in-law’s sentiments on Mr Omondi’s health.

“My husband has never complained of threats to his life, neither did he have health problems. What we want is the truth on how he died,” said Ms Mongeli, who had been married to Mr Omondi for 14 years. The couple had three children, the youngest being just over a year old.

Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi described the death of Mr Omondi as a great loss to the people of Kahawa Wendani and Kiambu as whole.

“Cyro will be remembered for his passion and dedication to his work both in the county assembly and in his ward,” said the senator.

He added: “Through Cyrus, the people of Kahawa Wendani and Kiambu demonstrated that it is possible to rise above petty considerations and elect a leader based on merit. This, indeed, is the true spirit of the great people of Kiambu. I wish to pass my deep and heartfelt condolences to Cyrus’s family, relatives, friends, the people of Kahawa Wendani and Kiambu in general.”

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura, who condoled with the family, termed the late Omondi a hero who showed that ethnicity was slowly losing its place in Kenya.

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura, who condoled with the family, eulogised Omondi as a hero, who, through his election, showed negative ethnicity was slowly losing its place in Kenya.

“He was very vibrant in fighting corruption in Kiambu County," Mr Mwaura added.

"He was the face of youthful and clean politics. He was voted for overwhelmingly in the vast county because of his community engagements and development. We want proper investigations on how he met his death."