John Lonyangapuo and ‘Kijana Fupi Round’ bury hatchet

Tuesday September 03 2019

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo and his critic Dennis Ruto Kapchok. FILE PHOTOS | NATION MEDIA GROUP


West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo and his critic Dennis Ruto Kapchok “Mulmulwas” have reconciled.

Mr Kapchok promised to tone down his criticism of the governor after being persuaded to do so by his father William Lopetakou, elders and kin.


The others who brokered the peace deal were former Kacheliba MP Peter Nang'ole, nominated Ward Representative and Mr Kapchok’s aunt Josephine Cheprum, and retired chief Zacharia Loripo, his uncle.

Mr Kapchok said he made the about-turn “because the governor and the devolved government I have been fighting are now on the right track”.

Last year, Mr Kapchok launched the Mulmulwas Movement in Kapenguria. He became famous when Prof Lonyangapuo called him “Mulmulwas”, meaning a round object.


The video of the governor castigating Mr Kapchok went viral.

Local musicians even composed songs in praise of “Mulmulwas”.

“Kijana fupi round, huwezi jua tumbo iko wapi, mgongo iko wapi (a short round young man. One cannot tell where the stomach or back are,” Prof Lonyangapuo said during a past event in Makutano.

Mr Kapchok told the Nation Tuesday that he was ready to work with the governor.

“I have been raising critical issues which required the attention of Prof Lonyangapuo. Most of the matters have been addressed,” Mr Kapchok said.

“My desire is to make West Pokot is a county focused on development and fairness. The county should provide equal opportunities to all residents.”

He said one of the issues he has been raising is the bad condition and poor services at Kapenguria Referral Hospital.

On Deputy Governor Nicholas Atundonyang, who has been out of the country for two years, Mr Kapchok called on the Senate to summon him.

“Dr Atundonyang has gone back on the contract he had with voters. He has to resign or come back immediately,” Mr Kapchok said.

He said the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has done a lot to fight graft in the devolved unit. Mr Kapchok denied reports that he had been bribed to join the governor’s camp.

“I didn’t give conditions nor did I get any money,” he said.