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Sons and daughters of Kiambu

Wednesday June 15 2011

Photo/FILE  Former Attorney General Charles Njonjo.

Photo/FILE Former Attorney General Charles Njonjo.  


Charles Njonjo

The 91-year-old was Kenya’s first Attorney General after independence. 

He was one of the most powerful men in the Kenyatta government and briefly in Moi’s before he was brought down by the infamous traitor allegations in the early 80s.

He has since his retirement from public life been involved in business in the banking and insurance sectors.


Eddah Gachukia

The educationist  and former Nominated MP is the Academic Director at the Riara Group of Schools.

She made her mark on the education sector when she chaired a commission on changing  secondary education but whose recommendations are yet to be fully implemented.


Stanley Kinyanjui

The managing director of the Outdoor Advertising giant comes from Karura ka Nyungu area near Wangige and off Limuru Road.

Apart from making money through advertising, Mr Kinyanjui is also involved in community development projects in the area.


Titus Muya

The man from Gataka on the border of Githunguri and Limuru districts started his banking career in 1984.

He held various senior positions in the ministries of Home Affairs and Tourism before becoming the chief executive officer of the Family Finance Building Society in 1984.

He served the society in that capacity until it became a fully-fledged bank in 2007, when it was granted a licence by the Central Bank of Kenya.


Simon Nyutu Gicharu

The chairman and founder of Mount Kenya University, based in Thika is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the county.

An educationist and alumnus of Kenyatta University, he established the Mount Kenya University at the age of 45. The former high school teacher is also a publisher of Mathematics books.

The private institution, which began as Thika Institute of Technology (TIT) before it converted to a full-fledged university, was awarded a charter at the beginning of this year by President Kibaki.

It now has campuses in Rwanda, Uganda and is about to go to South Sudan.


Njenga Karume

Although born and partly brought up in the Rift Valley, Mr Karume eventually settled in Kiambu, where he made his money as a businessman before going into politics.

He has recorded his experiences in a book Beyond Expectations and has been MP, minister and is now being touted as one of the possible contenders for the Senate post at next year’s General Election.

Mr Karume is among the wealthiest men in the county and his biography, written with Mutu wa Gethoi, tells the improbable tale of a man who weathered many storms to become a man of great influence.


Pius Ngugi

The businessman’s known assets include the Kenya Nut Company, Amazon Motors and Thika Coffee Mills.

His involvement in coffee farming, sweet manufacturing, nut processing, insurance, car sales and dairy farming make him easily one of the county’s wealthiest men.