Luo elders blame family planning for low numbers

Wednesday February 26 2020

Chairman of Luo Council of Elders Mzee Nyandiko Ongadi during a past event. FILE PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP


The recently-released data on Kenya’s population continues to elicit mixed reactions, with a faction of the Luo Council of Elders blaming the low numbers of the community on family planning.

Nyandiko Ongadi, the leader of the faction, cited the community’s adoption of modern family planning methods which adversely affect their ability to conceive when they reach their reproductive age. He said girls have been introduced to these methods at a young age.

Mr Ongadi encouraged the community to multiply, including through polygamy, in order to get more resources, and power.

In the report, the Kikuyu community had the largest population at 8.15 million people, followed by Luhyas and Kalenjins at 6.82 million and 6.35 million people respectively. The Luo came in fourth with a population of 5.07 million.

A section of Luhya leaders also dismissed the numbers, with Budalang’i MP Raphael Wanjala saying the community should have been ranked first.

“I firmly believe the Luhya community is the most populous in this country. These numbers look computer generated … They do not reflect the reality on the ground,” he said.


He also claimed that Luos were more populous than Kalenjins contrary to the census report.