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Solar street lamps plan unveiled for counties to reduce crime

Tuesday May 7 2013


Solar powered street lights will be installed countrywide to reduce crime rates.

Lap Trust chief executive Hosea Kili said in Naivasha that the lights would help national and county governments to cut costs in power production and supply.

The solar powered street light cost Sh120,000 each with a 20-metre high post and includes a solar panel, battery and the street lamp, according to Mr Kili.

He presented solar lamps at a governors’ meeting at Simba lodge in Naivasha. Lap Trust provides retirement benefits and financial services.

Mr Kili said 20 solar lights have been set up to light up a 4.5 kilometre stretch in Narok. The lamp has a battery life of 12 hours when it is fully charged and uses a 90 megawatt bulb.

The next town will be Kisumu.


The solar street light consists of an advertising panel, which would be used as a source of revenue.

Mr Kili hoped the cost of the solar powered lights would reduce as time goes by.

“We intend to explore more options of creating the lights. This will be by seeking cheaper materials of creating the lamps. However we will still maintain the quality of the lamps,” he told the meeting.

The Lap Trust CEO said the project was a cost sharing public-private initiative.