WAJIR: Habaswein hospital conducts first CS delivery

Saturday July 16 2016

Ms Hindia Abdullahi with her newborn baby at Habaswein hospital. The first caeserian section was conducted in the hospital last week. PHOTO | DAVID MUCHUI | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Habaswein Hospital has conducted the first caesarean section delivery following the upgrade of the facility by the Wajir County government.
Ms Hindia Abdullahi, from Tosoriyey village, who was diagnosed with blood pressure is recuperating at the hospital after a successful operation that lasted 40 minutes.
Dr Shukri Ahmed, the medical superintendent, who led a team of medical doctors in the operation said the establishment of functional maternity theatres would help reduce infant and maternal mortality.
Wajir County is among the leading in maternal mortality rates per 1,000 live births.

“We were able to conduct a successful caesarian section delivery on Tuesday. This has been successful due to the efforts of the Health department and other partners in improving health service delivery," he said.
Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi said the county is recovering from a shortage of health workers before devolution when 37 dispensaries had closed down.

“When we came in in 2013, we embarked on reopening the dilapidated and closed health facilities. We have built 34 new dispensaries, 42 maternity centres to address the high infant mortality rate as well as a medical drug store to curb shortage. We have increased the number of health workers from 240 to more than 670,” he said.
Mr Abdullahi said the county had close to 100 health ghost workers out of the 337 medics inherited from the national government.
Public health, medical services and sanitation executive Rukia Maalim said construction of more maternity centres has seen skilled delivery rise from 18 percent to 50 percent currently.
She said increased access to skilled delivery will help the county reduce malnutrition in the first three months of a child.
The World Bank has praised Wajir County's success in devolution and accelerating growth in previously neglected areas.