Embu: alarm over soaring cases of child abuse

Thursday February 27 2020

An aerial view of Embu Town. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


A worrying trend of growing violation of children's rights has been noted in Embu County.

In a span of just eight months, 1,104 cases of violation have been reported, raising concern among government officials and other stakeholders.

According to the region's Coordinator of Child Services, Davelyne Mundi, 552 of the cases reported involved child neglect.

"Parents and guardians have failed to provide basic needs such as clothing, shelter and food to their young daughters and sons. This is tantamount to violation of child rights,'" he said on Wednesday during the launch of the Embu Child Protection Network.

He observed that many children were kept at home instead of being enrolled in school while others had been subjected to various forms of mistreatment.

Mr Mundi warned that the situation was serious and that the government will not spare the offenders.


He noted that several people accused of violating the rights of young ones had been arrested and prosecuted.

"The Children's Department, in collaboration with police, is apprehending the culprits and charging them in court," he said.

County Commissioner Abdullahi Galgalo warned that those found abusing children will not be spared.

Embu Chief Magistrate Maxwell Gicheru expressed concern that parents, especially those belonging to the Kavonokia religious sect, were denying their children access to education, medical treatment and even neglecting them.

"We handle so many such cases in court and the matter is of grave concern," he said.

The chief magistrate also noted that cases of defilement of young children were prevalent in the region.

"There are many sexual offence cases involving children pending in courts. Those who are found guilty of committing such crimes are often jailed as a warning to other would-be offenders," he said.

Action Aid team leader Mwachidudu Chimera said it was sad to see children loitering in towns instead of being in school.

He underscored the need to sensitise the society on the importance of taking care of minors and rescuing those in danger from ruthless parents and guardians.