Embu deputy governor roots for lower bride price

Thursday December 14 2017

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Embu Deputy Governor David Kariuki has appealed to parents of youths seeking to settle down in marriage to reduce demands during dowry negotiations, saying it discouraged them.

Mr Kariuki said cases of men shying away from proposing to local girls are on the rise due to unrealistic conditions imposed on them.

Speaking in Embu Town, the official cited a recent incident where a resident of the county fled his would-be in-laws’ home after the bride price was raised and penalties imposed on him.

“Many youngsters are not settling down in marriage because of the exorbitant bride price being demanded,” said Mr Kariuki.

“Recently, you heard about the man who left in a huff after various penalties were imposed on him.

“He was subjected to many fines until he felt he couldn’t take it anymore. Let us make it easy for our children to marry and start homes.”

Meanwhile, a man from Kathanjuri Village, Runyenjes Constituency, was beaten up by his in-laws at the weekend after his wife reported that he had insulted her as they argued over the dowry of about 20 cows that he had paid.

The man, only known as Ngari, was said to have told off the woman, claiming that the cows had ended up “with hyenas”.