Man dumps snake at Embu church and drives off

Wednesday March 18 2020
snake pic

Onlookers at the scene where a snake was dumped by a suspected witchdoctor in Embu on September 18, 2019. PHOTO | GEORGE MUNENE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Fear gripped Embu town residents Thursday when a suspected witchdoctor dumped a snake at a church and drove off at high speed.

Shocked residents scampered for safety as the poisonous Puff Adder slithered out of a gunny bag.

Residents regrouped, killed the snake and burnt it.

"We were shocked when we saw the snake emerging from the bag," said Hussein Ali, a security guard.

Witnesses said the man stopped by the road side, opened the rear door of his vehicle and removed a gunny bag which contained the snake.


He then threw the bag outside Faith Keepers Church and drove off.

When the residents drew closer to check what was inside the bag, a snake came out, forcing them to flee in different directions.

Detectives asked witnesses to record statements.