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Awiti resurfaces after 2 months with warning to his critics

Wednesday June 19 2019

Homa Bay Governor Cyprian Awiti

Homa Bay Governor Cyprian Awiti addresses journalists in Homa Bay town on June 18, 2019 after resuming duty following a long stay in Germany for medical attention. PHOTO | GEORGE ODIWUOR | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Homa Bay Governor Cyprian Awiti has returned to the public eye after about two months with a warning for his opponents.

He will report them to government authorities if they continue undermining his government and getting in the way of county projects.

The county boss issued the warning on Tuesday while touring the offices of the Homa Bay Water and Sanitation Company (Homawasco).

Mr Awiti had been out of office for weeks, seeking treatment in Germany for an eye problem.

The governor was last seen in public on April 10, when he commissioned a water project. He resumed duty on a high note at the beginning of the week after flying back into the county.



Governor Awiti began by having meetings with county officials who updated him on operations.

In his absence, most of Homa Bay's affairs were conducted under the watch of Deputy Governor Hamilton Orata, County Secretary Isaiah Ogwe and heads of departments.

On Tuesday evening, the county chief toured Homawasco where he received water equipment worth Sh40 million that was donated by the Netherlands government.

During the Homawasco tour, Mr Awiti told journalists that some some politicians were trying to make him look like a failure and to destroy county projects to make Homa Bay look like an area without development.

He explained that the destruction of projects would make him seem unable to achieve his goals and to leave the legacy he promised the people during campaigns ahead of his election.

“There are people using youths to cause the destruction of county projects. They do this to make me look like I have not done anything for my electorate. They will not succeed,” he said.

He did not name any of these detractors and only referred to them as 'josiasa moko’ (some politicians).


Mr Awiti threatened to take action against the politicians.

“I will report you to government authorities if you destroy any county project. You will be arrested, charged and imprisoned," he said.

The governor noted, however, that fights against his government would not affect the outcome of the 2022 general election as those criticising him were "failures".

“I am not after any seat [come]2022," he added. "My term will end and I will go home. Let no one talk ill about me as if we are competing for a political seat."

Mr Awiti also warned people trying to drive a wedge between him and Mr Orata.

“When I was away, my deputy took good care of the county. He ensured the smooth running of affairs in all corners and the initiation of projects. Let no one get between us,” he said.


Mr Awiti further warned Homa Bay residents against illegal water connections, saying culprits would be arrested and charged.

He noted that his government had invested heavily in machines for pumping water to homes so everyone should have access to clean water.

“There are people who have vandalised pipes and [redirected them] for personal gain. Let this be a warning to you ... the law will soon catch up with you,” he said.

Mr Awiti highlighted projects including construction of a 1,000-stall market in Homa Bay Town and the county stadium, as well the Oyugis and Kendu bay water initiatives.

“We are set to begin other projects in Sindo and Rangwe that would enable county residents have a better life. I want to leave a legacy for my people. It is time for implementation as we pledged during campaigns,” he said.