DCI detectives to grill chief over Dony Opar’s murder

Monday June 10 2019

Homa Bay County Transport minister nominee Dony Opar, who was shot dead at his petrol station in Kendu Bay on the night of June 7, 2019. PHOTO | COURTESY


Detectives from the Homa Bay Directorate of Criminal Investigations office are set to grill a local administrator over the death of roads executive nominee Dony Opar. The local chief was allegedly asked to protect Mr Opar.

Mr Opar is said to have asked a local chief in Karachuonyo to protect him a few days before he was shot and killed at his petrol station in Kendu Bay town on Friday.  


In a video taken before he was killed, Mr Opar requests a local chief to take action against some motorcycle riders who had been trailing him.

He is heard saying in the video that the riders who operated at night inspected his gate at night.

"Their motorbike had no headlights, instead they used flashlights. They inspected my gate between 2 am and 4 am, " Mr Opar said in the video. 


He went on to ask a chief, whose name he did not mention, to take action against the riders.


"The lives of our people are at risk when we let the group to continue walking at night, let the chief take action on them or else we will in other ways we know," he added.

Homa Bay County DCI boss Daniel Wachira said his office will question the said administrator to shed some light on what he knows about the people who had been trailing the cabinet nominee.

"We want to find out whether the chief took any action after Mr Opar said he was being trailed. If he did, we might have our fist suspects because he must have identified someone," Mr Wachira said.

The identity of the those who killed Mr Opar on Friday night still remains a mystery.

Meanwhile local leaders have called on residents to cooperate with investigators in identifying the murder suspects. 


Wang' Chieng Ward MCA Peter Kaula told residents to cooperate whenever they are called for questioning by the police.

"Investigators may walk here and there seeking clues on identity of the killers, accord them necessary support to enable them apprehend the suspects," Mr Kaula said.

So far, five people have been summoned to record statements at Kendu Bay Police Station in relation to the murder.

The five were at the scene when Mr Opar was shot and killed.