Rains wreak havoc in Homa Bay

Dispensary and market destroyed.

Some of the houses destroyed at Amoyo trading centre in Ndhiwa, Homa Bay County, on November 9 following heavy rains pounding the area. PHOTO | BARACK ODUOR | NATION MEDIA GROUP 


Property of unknown value was destroyed by a storm in Homa Bay County on Thursday night as heavy rains continue to pound the area.

The property was destroyed when the strong winds blew off roofs at Amoyo market, West Kanyadoto Location, Ndhiwa Sub-County.



The wind blew off roofs of seven buildings and kiosks at the trading centre.

Houses in two homes were also destroyed.

"All property that was inside the buildings got destroyed.  This is a serious economic setback for us," said Mr Lawrence Opany, one of the victims.

The storm further wreaked havoc at Amoyo Dispensary, which serves the largest population in Kanyadato Ward.


"People have been acquiring medication in tents after the dispensary roof was destroyed about six months ago. But it is unfortunate the wind blew off the tents and destroyed medical equipment inside," said Ms Atieno Ooko, the dispensary development committee chairperson.

Ms Ooko and Mr Opany called on the Homa Bay County Government disaster management department to intervene.

Ndhiwa police chief Nixon Makokha said nobody was injured during the incident.

"I have not received any reports on injuries or loss of life during the incident," said Mr Makokha.

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