Keep away from Ewaso Nyiro River, Isiolo herders warned

Sunday October 20 2019

Isiolo County Director of Meteorological Services John Nguyo who has warned pastoralists not to graze near Ewaso Nyiro River due to the likelihood of flooding. PHOTO | WAWERU WAIRIMU | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Herders in Isiolo have been warned against grazing near Ewaso Nyiro River and other seasonal rivers due to the likelihood of flooding owing to the ongoing heavy rains.

Isiolo County Director of Meteorological Services John Nguyo asked the pastoralists and residents living near the river, which is the second longest in Kenya, to relocate to higher ground to avoid possible losses.

“The heavy rains will cause flooding in Ewaso Nyiro and Isiolo rivers and we are advising herders and locals to stay away from their banks,” said Mr Nguyo.


Areas likely to be affected by flooding include Malkadaka, Galfarsa, Kinna, Sericho, Oldonyiro and Garbatulla.

Addressing journalists in Isiolo town, Mr Nguyo asked farmers in Cherab and Chari wards, where normal rainfall is expected, to plant fast-maturity crops as the ongoing rains will only last for a month.


“The rain will last for a month and farmers should take advantage and plant crops that take a shorter time to mature in order to enhance food security,” he said.


Isiolo town residents have also been asked to be on high alert over floods occasioned by rain water flowing from the neighbouring Meru County.

The county Health department has been asked to be prepared to deal with expected cases of outbreak of water borne diseases such as cholera.

The official appealed to motorists to exercise caution on the roads to avert accidents.

“Most of the roads are very slippery and motorists should exercise caution to prevent accidents,” he noted.

More than 1,000 people in Moyale have been displaced after their houses were swept away by the heavy rains experienced in the past one week.

Animals were also washed away by the floods.