Maasai elders thank Uhuru for picking Tobiko to join Cabinet

Wednesday March 18 2020

Former Kajiado Central MP David Sankori (centre), who is a member of the Maasai Council of Elders addresses journalists in Kajiado Town, where they urged parliament to approve the former DPP Keriako Tobiko’s appointment to the Cabinet. He is flanked by Joshua Polong (right) and John ole Seki. PHOTO | JOSEPH NGUNJIRI | NATION MEDIA GROUP


The Maasai Council of Elders has urged the National Assembly to approve the name of former Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Keriako Tobiko, who was recently appointed to the Cabinet by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The elders said that Mr Tobiko is qualified to serve in Cabinet going by his record as DPP.

Speaking in Kajiado Town, the elders asked President Kenyatta to consider appointing more members of the Maasai community into influential positions in government.

The elders have at the same time asked opposition Nasa leaders to desist from issuing ultimatums to the President and give him space to name his Cabinet without undue interference.


The elders expressed their gratitude to President Kenyatta for appointing Mr Tobiko into his Cabinet.

“Our happiness is informed by the fact that the President and the Deputy President have also considered Kajiado County, the Maa community and pastoralist communities in their administration as seen in the appointments of Joseph ole Lenku and the late Gen Joseph Nkaissery as Cabinet secretaries in their first term in office,” said Mr Joshua Polong, the vice chairman of the Maasai Council of Elders.

“Keriako Tobiko is one of our finest sons; he is a technocrat with an impeccable track record and irreproachable moral standing. He has proved that he can deliver, having worked diligently as the first DPP under the new Constitution,” added Mr Polong.


They said that it is not their duty to dictate what position Mr Tobiko should be given in Cabinet, adding that it is the sole prerogative of the President.

This was in reference to the fact that the position of Interior Cabinet secretary has since 2008 gone to a Maasai, the last being Gen Nkaissery.

Mr Kenyatta confirmed Dr Fred Matiangi into that position after acting for a while following the death of Gen Nkaissery.

“We appreciate that during Gen Nkaissery’s burial, the president said that he would not forget the Maasai and he has fulfilled that promise by appointing Mr Tobiko,” the elders said.


They also dismissed talk that Mr Tobiko’s shift from ODPP to a Cabinet secretary’s position as a demotion.

“That can never be further from the truth. Mr Tobiko has nothing left to prove in the DPP’s office. This appointment to Cabinet is a welcome addition to his already impressive CV,” said Mr Francis Oloitiptip from Kajiado South.

Mr Oloitiptip asked Nasa leaders to stop telling President Kenyatta what to do with his Cabinet.

“They said they have no faith in the President, so let them stop bothering our president,” he said.

“Let them wait to form their government, if they ever get elected, to appoint whomever they want into their Cabinet.”

Former Kajiado Central MP David Sankori asked Nasa leader Raila Odinga to shelve his plans to be sworn in.

“We already have a government and a president in place. His planned swearing in is of no consequence,” said Mr Sankori.