Teacher mourns after two-year-old son falls and dies in a well

Wednesday March 04 2020



A family in Lusumu village, Kakamega North Sub-County is mourning a two-year-old child who drowned when he fell into a well on Monday afternoon.

Mrs Veronica Shamala, a teacher at Musungu Primary School, reportedly left her son – Arnold Injendi – with the househelp as she went to work.

Ms Shamala’s househelp told police that the child may have crawled to the eight and a half-metre deep pit.

Kakamega North Police Commander Peter Mwanzo said the house help – identified as Hellen Chepkemoi – told detectives that she looked for the child in the house and compound but could not find him.

Ms Chepkemoi added that she then alerted neighbours who joined in the search. They found Injendi’s body in the well.

“This is an unfortunate incident. The child appears to have accidentally fallen into the well and drowned. Even with that, we have launched investigations into the death,” the police boss told journalists.


Ms Chepkemoi said the child was playing in the compound but suddenly disappeared.

“I was washing clothes but did not find him when I went to air them,” she said.

She then alerted the neighbours who joined in the search for the two-year-old.

Police said when one of the neighbours looked in the pit, she noticed the child’s body and alerted others in the search party.

The neighbours quickly removed the body from the well. It was later taken to the county mortuary by police officers.

Mr Mwanzo said Ms Chepkemoi, neighbours and other witnesses have recorded statements with the police.

“Once the investigations are complete, we will make a decision on whether to charge the househelp with negligence,” Mr Mwanzo said at the scene of the tragedy.

Malanga assistant chief Samuel Kataka asked residents to ensure well and pit latrines are covered avert similar incidents.