Faithful in shock after church livestock killed in Kericho

Sunday December 09 2018

Kapoloin parish priest Fr. Valleyves Makhola addresses the media after the church's livestock were hacked to death by unknown people. PHOTO | COURTESY


Police are investigating a bizarre incident in which unknown people broke into a church compound and hacked livestock to death on Saturday night in Kericho County.

Church faithful who arrived at Kapoloin Catholic Church in Ainamoi Constituency for mass were greeted by shocking scenes of carcasses of their four cows, two sheep and two goats strewn all over the compound.

Ms Emily Milgo, who resides near the church, said she heard commotion around Saturday midnight and was shocked to find the perpetrators in action.

“I heard the mooing of cows and incessant bleating of goats and sheep and decided to go and find out what the problem was. I, however, retreated quickly after the men whose number I didn't count, hurled stones at me,” she said.


Kapoloin parish priest Fr Valleyves Makhola said they have experienced a series of criminal activities in the recent past.


“We have had situations whereby thieves steal maize right at the church’s farm. We have also had an incident when thieves broke into the church and stole a public address system and a weird incident when someone poured feaces on the church’s doorsteps,” he said.

Mr Makhola called on security agencies to expedite investigations, especially on the killing of the livestock.

“Such an incident indicates that the church leaders’ lives could be in danger. Something has to be done. We call on security agencies to assist the church to investigate, arrest and prosecute the culprits,” he said.

The incident is the second in four months after the August episode in which unknown people dumped human waste on the church’s door steps.


Kericho East police boss Justus Kitetu said investigations were ongoing into the matter.

“We have managed to establish that though the church did not have a security guard by the time of the killing of the animals, there was a watchman who was relieved of his duties and that is one of our investigation leads into the incident,” he said.

Kapsaos ward representative Erick Koskei called on members of the public to volunteer information to the police to help expedite the justice.