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Robbers shoot Kiambu deputy governor's bodyguard, kill his father

Sunday January 14 2018


A pistol recovered during a past incident. Kiambu deputy governor's bodyguard was attacked by a gang, shot and injured in his home. The thugs shot and killed his father. PHOTO FILE 

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Kiambu Deputy Governor Dr James Nyoro’s bodyguard was shot and injured and his father killed during a robbery on Saturday night.

Mr John Mungai, 27, an officer from the General Service Unit, is recuperating at the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi.


Mr Mungai and his father Stephen Mburu, 67, returned to their home in Kamuguga Village, Kabete, at around 8pm.

As Mr Mungai was parking his car and Mr Mburu was closing the gate, two gangsters forced their way into the compound, the family said. One was brandishing a pistol.

The criminals demanded money and mobile phones.

Mr Mungai’s mother Lucy Wairimu said she and her daughter-in-law were inside the house when they overheard a conversation outside that degenerated into a commotion.

Ms Wairimu overheard the gang demanding that Mr Mungai surrender his firearm but he responded that he did not have it.


Unhappy with the amount of money they got from the two men, the thugs ordered that they be taken to the house where they hoped to get more cash and valuables.

While walking towards the house, one of the thugs was injured on the staircase leading to the door. This angered the robbers who accused the two men of attempting to fight back.

They then shot Mr Mburu and his son, while the bodyguard’s wife Loise Wangare, 26, was hit on the arm by a bullet.

Undeterred, the gang proceeded with their mission, insisting that they wanted more money from the family.

Ms Wangare said the gang took hers and her mother-in-law’s handbags and ransacked them before fleeing.

The family did not indicate how much money they lost during the incident.


Mr Mungai was rushed to PCEA Kikuyu Hospital after he suffered a thigh injury and he was later referred to the Aga Khan Hospital. 

Ms Wangare was treated at PCEA Kikuyu Hospital and discharged.

Police said Mr Mburu died at the scene after he was shot in the chest. His body was taken to PCEA Kikuyu Hospital mortuary.

Kabete police boss Joseph Ongaya said investigations are ongoing and police are looking for the criminals.