Former Kirinyaga senator’s driver seized after losing his gun

Thursday November 9 2017


A driver of former Kirinyaga senator Daniel Karaba has been arrested for losing his loaded pistol. FILE PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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A driver of former Kirinyaga senator Daniel Karaba has been arrested for allegedly losing his loaded gun.

Detectives seized the driver Thursday morning when he went to Kerugoya Police Station to report about his missing weapon which was loaded with eighteen bullets.

The driver, who is also the husband of a former MCA, found his pistol missing from his vehicle on Wednesday night when he returned from enjoying drinks with friends.

According to residents, the driver who is well known in the area, entered a popular bar in Kerugoya and started taking drinks.

Moments later he walked out and found his car’s windscreen broken and the pistol missing.


The worried driver started searching for the pistol but when he failed to get it he informed the detectives who locked him up.

“The driver of the former senator came out of the bar only to find his vehicle damaged and the pistol stolen,” said one of the residents.

County Police Commander David Kirui confirmed that Mr Karaba’s driver had been apprehended and locked up for questioning.

He said it was a criminal offence to lose a licensed firearm and the driver must therefore face the law once investigations are complete.

“Anyone who is licensed to carry a gun is supposed to be very careful to ensure that it does not land in the wrong hands,” he said.

Mr Kirui said the driver erred when he left his gun kept carelessly in his vehicle and he will not be spared.

“The driver told us that he entered the bar and left the gun in his personal car. He knows that a gun should be properly kept [but still] went ahead to leave it in the car,” he said.

He said the gun was loaded and can be used to unleash terror on residents and to commit other serious crimes in the area.