Waiguru criticised on Sh531 million owed to contractors

Sunday November 24 2019

Kirinyaga Senator Charles Kibiru reacts during a sitting of the Senate's Trade committee on July 30, 2019. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Kirinyaga County owes contractors Sh531 million, Senator Charles Kibiru has said, adding, Governor Anne Waiguru has refused to act on his calls for payments to be made.

The senator said on Sunday that the contractors were awarded tenders for road, water, bridge and dispensary projects, and the supply of various items to the county under Joseph Ndathi's government.

Mr Kibiru, a member of the Senate Committee on Public Accounts and Investments, accused Governor Waiguru's administration of failing to pay the contractors despite being asked to.

While noting that the contractors did a good job and were given clean bills of health by auditors, he said they should be paid without further delay.

"I've written to the governor and even the auditor-general over the accumulated debts but nothing has been done," he told the press in Sagana town.



Mr Kibiru also pointed out that the contractors took loans for the projects so their properties were being auctioned due to non-payment.

"They can't pay because the county has not released their cash," he said and appealed to the National Treasury to take disciplinary action against Kirinyaga for "punishing innocent contractors".

"Treasury should not release funds to Governor Waiguru's government until she agrees to pay the contractors their rightful dues," he said.

County Secretary Joe Muriuki did not answer calls for comment on the senator's claims.


The contractors recently threatened to sue the county to compel it to make the payments.

They accused it of taking them for a ride and vowed to teach it a lesson.

The contractors noted that some of their colleagues died while others were suffering from depression as banks took over their properties.

"This government is ruthless. It does not care even when contractors die," one said.