Kirinyaga MCAs pass motion to abolish Waiguru’s press unit

Tuesday March 17 2020

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru whose Directorate of Liaison and Communications has been abolished by the county assembly after the passing of a motion tabled by Tebere Ward MCA Gudson Muchina. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


The Kirinyaga County Assembly on Monday passed a motion abolishing Governor Anne Waiguru's Directorate of Liaison and Communications.

The MCAs dismissed the directorate as a propaganda tool, saying it was not serving the interests of the residents and the county government and consequently unanimously endorsed the motion to disband it.

It was Tebere Ward Representative Gudson Muchina who moved the motion and urged his colleagues to support it.


Mr Muchina told the House that the staff attached to the directorate usually attack MCAs on social media over their oversight role instead of focusing on development issues of the region.

He told the House the directorate has outlived its usefulness and it must, therefore, be abolished.


Baragwi MCA David Mathenge echoed Mr Muchina's sentiments, insisting that there was no need for such a directorate.

"The directorate is incompetent and it should be disbanded and the staff working there sent packing," said Mr Mathenge.

While debating the motion, the MCAs also accused the county executive of allowing staff in the directorate to continue misleading residents on development matters in Kirinyaga.


"The staff more often talk of development projects initiated by the devolved government which do not exist. We are not happy at all," said Mr Mathenge.

Nominated MCA Caroline Muriithi said she and her colleagues were unhappy with the directorate, which was established through the assembly, accusing it of engaging in retrogressive politics.

"We no longer have confidence in the directorate," she said as she supported the motion.

After the motion was passed, the assembly directed the County Public Service Board to present a formal proposal in the House for its abolishment.