Mwea residents protest over bad road, little development

Thursday November 14 2019

Residents of Mwea, Kirinyaga County, block Kangai-Njegas road in a demonstration against its deplorable state, November 14, 2019. PHOTO | GEORGE MUNENE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Residents of Mwea, Kirinyaga County, on Thursday took to the streets in a protest against the deplorable state of Kangai-Njegas road.

Waving placards, the protesters accused the national government of taking too long to tarmac the road which passes through rich agricultural areas.

The protesters barricaded the road, lit bonfires and planted bananas stumps, much to the disadvantage of motorists and pedestrians.

They complained that they experience problems when transporting horticultural farm produce to markets for sale.


Accompanied by their children, the residents vowed to continue demonstrating until their grievances were addressed.


They pointed out that the government promised in 2018 to construct the road in Mwea Constituency but no progress has been made to date.

"The government is taking us for a ride so we must continue protesting," shouted Ms Jane Wangui.

The group further said Mwea has been been given a raw deal when it comes to development.

"Almost all roads in Kirinyaga Central and Ndia constituencies have been tarmacked while Mwea has been neglected. This is discrimination of the highest order, "another resident said.

The protesters also said that pregnant women often deliver at home because they could not access health facilities as the road is impassable.


Plain clothes police officers manned the demonstration without any altercations.

Moments later, the residents dispersed but swore to return to the streets until the government listens to them.

Area Member of Parliament Kabinga Wathayu said he had raised the issue with Roads ministry.