Protesters boo as Waiguru criticises MCA over 'disrespect'

Thursday September 12 2019

A group stormed into Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru's development function on Thursday accusing her of denying their Mutira Ward Representative Kinyua Wangui a chance to address the people.

Tension rose in Kigumo town as they shouted, drowning out Governor Waiguru's speech.

Armed police cordoned off the dais to keep the governor and others safe.


Trouble started when Ms Waiguru opened a modern market constructed by her government and declared that she would not allow the MCA to continue insulting her in public.

Ms Waiguru claimed Mr Wangui consistently engaged in mudslinging yet she had remained patient and focused on development and had respect for all leaders.


"Respect is two-way traffic. I also deserve to be treated fairly as a leader," she said and asked residents if they would want their representative to continue undermining their county chief.

It was then that the group protested, booed and demanded that Mr Wangui address the meeting.

Security officers' attempts to cool tempers were futile.

When matters worsened, Ms Waiguru bowed to pressure and handed Mr Wangui the microphone.


Calm returned after the MCA greeted the crowd and said he fully supported Governor Waiguru's development agenda.

Mr Wangui denied undermining and insulting Ms Waiguru and accused his political enemies of peddling falsehoods to drive a wedge between them.

"My political enemies are antagonising the governor and I. I support the development projects of the devolved government so my foes should stop misleading the governor."


After the meeting, the protesters carried Mr Wangui shoulder-high while chanting victory slogans.

Later, Ms Waiguru dismissed the hecklers as hired goons who plotted to disrupt the function.

"Those were not residents. They were goons given money to try and cause chaos but I will not give up my mission to initiate development projects meant to benefit residents," she said.

While noting that she does not advocate for violence, she urged the people to shun politicians who use them to frustrate her.