Former councillor, wife electrocuted in Kisumu

Tuesday October 3 2017

Relatives carry portraits of former North West

Relatives carry portraits of former North West Kisumu ward councillor Stephen Otiato and his wife Rosemary Akinyi, who were electrocuted at their home in Maseno, Kisumu County on October 3, 2017. PHOTO | TONNY OMONDI | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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A couple was on Tuesday killed after they were electrocuted in their home in Maseno, Kisumu County.

Mr Stephen Otiato, a former councillor of North West Kisumu ward died while trying to save his wife, Roselyne Akinyi who had touched a live wire while hanging clothes.

The clothes line, according to Kenya Power Supervisor, Kisumu office Mr Aggrey Kibande, was in contact with an open live electric wire.

“This is a case of poor wiring,” he said adding that the man died after touching the body of his wife.

He said from the records, the family had a certificate showing that input of electric wires was complete.


“We are going to do our investigation to find out whoever did the wiring, from the look of things, there are several loose connections,” Mr Kibande said.

He cautioned residents against hiring incompetent electricians.

“Several cases of electrocution in homes have been reported due to poor wiring. Most of those who die are house helps because they get into contact with live wires while performing house chores,” he said.

Mr Otiato, who was a councillor from 2006 to 2012 is said to have rushed outside the house when his wife raised alarm after touching the wire.

“We were asleep and we heard mummy crying behind the house where we hang our clothes. Daddy came out first when I went to check, they were all down and not talking,” said Evelyne Nyawira, one of their children.

She said she did not touch their bodies but instead called for help.