Kisumu police accused of colluding with criminals during curfew

Wednesday May 13 2020

Kisumu residents frogmarch Charles Odhiambo (centre) to Kondele Police Station on April 4, 2020. Mr Odhiambo is part of a three-man gang that terrorised residents during curfew hours. PHOTO | JUSTUS OCHIENG | NATIO MEDIA GROUP


Police in Kisumu are on the spot after a robbery suspect confessed that they have been colluding with some officers to terrorise residents.

Led by Migosi MCA Rodgers Otieno, Kisumu residents on Saturday arrested Mr Charles Odhiambo following Friday night raid during curfew hours.

Mr Odhiambo who claims to be a Bishop at Green-Yellow Cross Church in Kondele was in the company of two others when they waylaid some residents including a taxi operators’ chairman James Ouma in Migosi Estate at 7.20pm Friday.


Witnesses said the trio was armed. Mr Odhiambo, who also lives around the area, was positively identified during the 7pm attack.

“I arrived at my gate at 7.20pm and they blocked my car. They trio claimed to be police officers effecting the curfew orders but [they] did not produce any documents to prove their claims,” Mr Ouma said.

He said the thugs attempted to draw a gun but they fled when a crowd started building up. The gang is said to have blocked another individual, claiming to be National Intelligence Service officers.

Mr Odhiambo said they were working in cahoots with two police officers from Maseno and Railways police stations.  


The suspect said they operate in two salon cars - Subaru and a Toyota Corolla whose number plates are changed frequently. Mr Otieno said criminal activities have increased in the area during curfew hours.

The gang, which raids houses in the guise of effecting curfew orders, targets Lolwe, Kenya-Re, Migosi, Manyatta, Car Wash and Kibos estates among others.  

“The gang has given us sleepless nights during the curfew time and we are lucky to have arrested this man. The police should move with speed to expedite investigations and arrest all the mentioned officers,” Mr Otieno said.

Kisumu County Police Commander Ranson Lolmodooni said they have launched investigations into the matter.

“The suspect has confessed that they work with some police officers. We are not taking that lightly and we will investigate and take action against all the perpetrators of crime," Mr Lolmodooni said.

Last Saturday, thugs broke into an armoury at Kibos Police Post in Muhoroni and stole three rifles.

They also stole two G3 magazines, two MPS magazines, 135 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition and 20 rounds of 9mm calibre ammunition.