Kitui youth leader Kinyali’s burnt body found in a thicket

Thursday April 18 2019

Kitui National Youth Council leader Benjamin Muema Kinyali whose partially burnt body was found dumped in a thicket near Tiva River in Kwa Vonza, 25 kilometres from Kitui town on April 16, 2019. PHOTO | KITAVI MUTUA | NATION MEDIA GROUP


A youth leader from Kitui County has been found murdered and his partly burnt body dumped in a thicket near Tiva River in Kwa Vonza, 25 kilometres from Kitui town.

The body of Benjamin Muema Kinyali, who was an official of the National Youth Council in Kitui Rural Constituency, had burns on the chest and hands.

His body was discovered on Wednesday afternoon by passers-by in Kavou village who alerted police officers from Itoleka Police Station in Katulani Sub-County.


He was last seen on Tuesday evening drinking at Vanilla's Bar in Kitui town with friends until 11pm.

Hi friends later dropped him at his residence within Kitui town.


Police have since detained his wife, who works as an accountant at South Eastern Kenya University, for questioning to establish Mr Kinyali's last movements from the time he arrived home on Tuesday night.

According to Katulani Sub-County Police Commander, Mr Ngetich, the wife was arrested after brief questioning when she went to report the matter.


His killers are believed to have placed a used car tyre on his chest and doused his body in petrol then set it ablaze.

However, soon after the killers lit the Mr Kinyali's body and escaped, the fire went out, having only burnt his hands and chest where the tyre had been placed.

The youth official, described by friends as humble and articulate, was an actively known supporter of Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu, having campaigned for her during the 2017 General elections.


Kitui County National Youth Council Chairman Aggrey Nzomo condemned the cold blooded murder and urged police to expedite investigations and apprehend the killers.

"As NYC we mourn Benjamin Kinyali, a hardworking youth leader. His untimely departure leaves behind an emotionally and psychologically disturbed youth fraternity in Kitui. We pray that justice for the family will prevail", Mr Nzomo said.