Kwale residents warned against selling their land at throw away prices

Wednesday March 18 2020

Kwale residents have been warned against selling their ancestral land at throw away prices. GRAPHIC | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Kwale residents have been warned against selling their ancestral land at throw away prices.

On Sunday, Prof Halimu Shauri said selling land for short term gains is a disservice to future generations.  

"Selling land will not get people out of poverty, the way out of poverty is to invest in land," he said.

Prof Shauri said one of the biggest problems in Kwale is the low literacy levels.

"Land is core of investment and a means of creating wealth. Kwale residents should be educated on how to make good use of their land," he said.


He added that the county government should come up with policies to save its residents from land cartels.

He advised the county government to look for investors to partner with land owners.

"Making an agreement with an investor on a parcel of land is more sustainable as people will retain their parcels of land and at the same time earn money throughout the lease period," he said.

Prof Shauri urged the county to implement efficient land transfer systems.

Mr Juma Hamisi, a Kwale town resident, said land invasions and irregular occupation at the Coast have put genuine landowners in dilemma.


He accused political leaders from the county of failing to speak against the sale and invasion of land by powerful individuals.

"Leaders should address fraud arising from dubious land transactions," he added.

He said that unscrupulous land brokers have been taking advantage of the residents.


Kwale County Assembly lands committee chairman and Ramisi MCA Raia Mkungu said that they were working closely with Lands ministry to verify the number of settlement schemes and parcels of land that have been adjudicated in the county since the onset of devolution.

"We are liaising with the ministry of lands at the national and county level to establish the acreage of land and a list of beneficiaries on the schemes and parcels of land already adjudicated," he said.