Elephants leave sanctuary in Kwale and invade farms, destroy crops

Wednesday March 18 2020

Some of the 52 elephants that strayed from the Mwalungaje Elephant Sanctuary on October 20, 2018, casuing panic in Kiteje and Mbuguni villages in Kwale County. PHOTO | FADHILI FREDRICK | NATION MEDIA GROUP


At least 52 stray elephants from Mwalungaje Elephant Sanctuary have raided Kiteje and Mbuguni villages in Kwale County.

The herd of elephants is said to have raided farms and residents are fearing for their lives.

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Community Warden Edward Karanja said the animals invaded the villages on Saturday but no injuries have been reported.

"No injuries have been reported so far but we have received reports of crop damage on the farms," he said, adding that they will soon start a crop damage assessment.

Mr Karanja said KWS officers have begun driving away the animals from Kiteje and Mbuguni villages through Kaya Bombo to Lunguma and back to the sanctuary.

“As we talk now, the operation is ongoing. We have our officers on the ground to monitor and control the movement of the elephants,” he said.

Mr Karanja said the animals strayed from the sanctuary following their passageways looking for pasture.

He urged residents to be on the lookout and monitor the movement of the animals and report to officers for action to be taken.