German reported 'missing' was deported by Kenyan government

Saturday December 14 2019

Paul Topf, a German who was living in Kwale, was deported from Kenya to Germany last month. FILE PHOTO


A German man who was reported missing by his Kenyan wife was deported by immigration officials, Nation has learnt.

Last month, Neema Nyawira reported at Shimoni Police Station in Lunga Lunga that her husband, Paul Topf, was missing after he was picked by five people, who identified themselves as government officials, from their home.

Nyawira made the report after her husband failed to return home and could not be reached on his mobile phone.

The Nation confirmed that Topf, who has been living in Kwale for nearly six years, was deported by the Kenyan government on allegedly on Germany’s request.

Immigration officials, who did not want to be named because they are not authorised to speak to the press, said Topf was wanted in Germany for crime.

“There were written orders from the Interior Ministry directing that the man be deported.


“He was suspected to be dealing in some suspicious businesses here, the Kenyan government did some investigations on him but they did not get anything and so they handed him back to his government,” said a source.

Another official said that the German government had sought help from Kenyan government to have him sent back home over crimes he had committed there.

“The German government officials had earlier asked him to present himself, but he defied and they sought the intervention of the Kenyan officials who got him and sent him back,” said the official.

Topf was deported a day before he was set to appear in a Kwale court. He is embroiled in a land ownership battle with a Kenyan who sued him.

Mr Joseph Mbaru Maihanyu claims an eight-acre parcel, which Topf says he bought at Sh1 million, belongs to him.

“The case is interesting because the man who sold him the plot is called Joseph Mbaru Mahanyu and the one who has sued him is Maihanyu. The difference in those names is the letter “i”,” Topf lawyer Mbarak Mbarak said.

The lawyer said plans are underway to have Nyawira appear in court on behalf of Topf.

During his stay in Kwale, Topf was doing cattle farming and fishing activities.