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4 Al-Shabaab fighters dead after IEDs blow up prematurely

Thursday June 13 2019

Scene of Al-Shabaab blow-up

The scene near Kwa Omollo Bridge along Bodhai-Bar’goni road in Lamu County, where four Al-Shabaab militants died on June 13, 2019, after the IEDs they were planting exploded prematurely. PHOTO | KALUME KAZUNGU | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Four Al-Shabaab militants died in Lamu County on Thursday after the improvised explosive devices (IEDs) they were planting blew up prematurely.

Three died at the scene of the incident at about 3am near Kwa Omollo Bridge along Bodhai-Bar’goni road.

Joseph Kanyiri, director of the Linda Boni operation and the Lamu County Commissioner, said the fourth terrorist was severely injured in the explosion and died while escaping.

Several other gunmen were injured in the incident.

Mr Kanyiri said, "[The bodies of the three were found at the scene while the fourth one was found in a bush metres away. He had been trying to run away."

He added that police found three loaded AK 47 rifle magazines, 12 loose bullets and a magazine pouch.



Kwa Omollo Bridge is within the dense Boni Forest where the multi-agency Linda Boni security operation is taking place.

The government launched the operation in September 2015 as part of efforts to flush out the terrorists.

Scene of Al-Shabaab blow-up

Some of the items that were found near Kwa Omollo Bridge along Bodhai-Bar’goni road in Lamu County, after four Al-Shabaab militants died while trying to plant IEDs, June 13, 2019. PHOTO | KALUME KAZUNGU | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Mr Kanyiri said security agencies were determined to smoke out the criminals.

“There is no cause for alarm. Citizens should rest assured that we’re determined to ensure peace and stability is restored in Lamu and other places where the operation is ongoing," he said.

"We will not relent in the war against criminals. We will smoke them out."


Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata lauded the agencies securing Boni Forest and other parts of Lamu.

“Residents should not be deterred. Our security agencies are determined to ensure peace is maintained,” he said.

Commuters who use Hindi-Kiunga and Bodhai-Bargoni roads asked the government to clear bushes so the enemies lack places to hide.

“We appreciate the efforts by the government in dealing with Al-Shabaab and ending the war in our area. We haven’t experienced any attacks recently, enough proof that the operation is successful," said Mr Dida Athman of Basuba Village.

"We are, however, appealing to the government to ensure bushes are cleared so that these enemies don’t find places to hide and attack us and security agents."